Starting immediately you will be able to instantly download your Brand Profile after you’ve completed it!

You’re going to love…

  • Instantly download your brand profile
  • Send us your logo and font files all in one easy step
  • White label the brand profile instantly
  • Retain the ability to have a fancier one made (see below)

The Reason

We made this decision for a few reasons…

  1. Even though WE think our brand profile design is really cool, you might not, and it might not match your branding – So we simplified the design on the brand profile
  2. Not all of our clients need a fancy PDF brand profile, in fact, most don’t
  3. It makes it faster and easier to keep your brand profile handy

But I really like the fancy brand profile…

No problem – we get it. If for some reason you want a different design for the brand profile, maybe because you are sharing it with YOUR client – we will design it for you for 1 design credit.